Organic Ingredients

Hello Hair started with one simple goal - to provide consumers with the best available natural ingredients from around the world to be included in their hair care regimen to fight hair problems ranging from

All ingredients used in Hello Hair are 100% USDA Approved Organic

0 Preservatives | 0 Essence | 0 Harmful Substances

"Infusion of seeds & herbs in a potent blend of 7 oils enable the therapeutic benefits of these natural ingredients to be transferred into the oil making it highly efficacious."

7 Oils in Hello Hair

Almond Oil

Repairs split ends, promote hair regrowth.

Castor Oil

Rich in ricinoleic acid that accelerates circulation & increases hair growth.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Fizz control, hair nourishment and fights infections.

Hemp Seed Oil

Rich in Omega 3 & 6, has lipids that moisturize the scalp and strengthen hair root.

Mustard Oil

Protects from harsh pollutants & UV light. Prevents pre-mature greying.

Jojoba Oil

Penetrates hair structure and fills the cracks to prevent further damage. Adds volume & shine.

Vitamin E Oil

Increases circulation to the scalp, Strengthens hair follicle.

7 Herbs & Seeds

Adzuki Beans

Rich in Iron, Zinc & Biotin. Helps prevent brittle hair.

Cow Peas

Healthy protein source, aids in controlling hair loss.

Curry Leaves

Helps get rid of dead hair follicle from scalp. Rich in protein & beta carotene.

Methi Seeds

Aids in dandruff prevention.

Onion Seeds

Prevents/fights fungal infections & scalp diseases that cause hair loss.

Rajma Beans

Rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B6.

Vetiver Roots

Helps prevent hair loss occurring due to high body heat.